1.13 Update News

Following is a run down of all important info for related to the 1.13 update.

Item Transfer

Items which CAN be transferred:

  • Gear that can be created in survival. This includes armour, tools, elytras, and tools. This does NOT include CE-enchanted armour or tools.

  • Building Blocks. (ie stone, wood, snow, ice, glass, bricks, etc) This does not include: Mineral Blocks, Beacons, Anvils, Obsidian, Daylight Sensors. Up to four stacks of Nether Bricks Blocks can be transferred.

  • Shulker boxes. Must be empty

  • Player Heads

  • Lore Items (or generally items people have won from events, or have spent IRL money on)

  • Vehicles

How to transfer Items:
All Items you wish to transfer should be put into a chest area. This area should be outside of and away from structures. In the Updates Category there will be a thread called “Item Transfer.” You should post the cords of your chest area here.

Build Transfer

  • Things to keep in mind:
    • Keep in mind that we will be removing all chests from your builds so make sure that if you want an item, that item is in your chest area.
    • On the new forums there will be a thread called “Build Transfer”. Prior to us whitelisting the server at the end of the Halloween Event you will need to have posted the cords to each build you want transferred.
    • You should post cords for each build you want transferred.
    • Try to make it clear which build the cords correspond to. A description of the build would be helpful. We do not want to lose anyone’s build.