Client Modifications

Hello, most of you know me as Connor, the “pVpEr” and I’m writing this in regards to Client Modifications.

In this I would like to explain the differences between hacked clients and pvp clients, such as Badlion or Lunar. This is how Badlion client works, when you download it you give it full authority over your PC. It runs a deep search and compares your files to its ever-growing data-base of known MineCraft cheats. If anything is detected client side it sends a message to all Badlion affiliated servers, which instantly bans the player for Malicious cheats. This client was created to give players a definitive proof of them being legit. Now their are some advantages that come with the client. I am going to list them and give an idea of what exactly they do.

  • Armour Status - Shows armour durability
  • AutoGG - Meant for Hypixel to say GG automatically after games
  • AutoText - Can type stuff automatically (not commands)
  • AutoTip - Meant for Hypixel to automatically tip players.
  • Block Overlay - When you look at a block it highlights it
  • BossBar - Allows you to toggle bossbar
  • CPS - Tracks your CPS (clicks per second)
  • Chat - Allows you to customize chat to your liking (You can make it rainbow and shit)
  • Clan Wars - Meant for HCF servers to display clans
  • Clear Water - Makes water clear
  • Coordinates - Shows coords on screen without f3
  • Crosshair - Allows you to customize your crosshair
  • Direction - Just a compass in the top
  • Enchant Glint - Makes your armour more shiny
  • FOV Changer - changes your FOV based on what level speed you have so its consistent
  • FPS - Displays your FPS
  • Fullbright - Turns on gamma
  • Hitboxes - Shows hotboxes
  • Item Counter - displays a number of items you have in your inventory (Used to know how many pots or soup you have left in PVP)
  • Item Info - Displays item info
  • Keystrokes - Shows when you hit WASD and Spacebar
  • Levelhead - Made for Hypixel to display players levels above their head
  • Minimap - A mini map that can only display terrain (NO ENTITIES)
  • MotionBlur - Allows you top customize your motion blur
  • Music - Like a music bot for MineCraft
  • Particles - Allows to to toggle on and off certain particles
  • Perspective - Lets you look at your player in a 360 motion
  • Ping - Displays ping
  • Potion Status - Shows your potion effects on screen
  • Protection - Shows how much combined protection you have
  • Reach Display - Displays how far you are hitting things from
  • Saturation - Shows saturation
  • Scoreboard - Allows you to customize the score board on the right
  • ShinyPots - Makes pots in your inventory Shiny so they are easy to see
  • TimeChanger - Allows you to make it look like it is day or night (Does not actually change it)
  • Timers - Just a timer
  • ToggleSneak - Allows you to toggle sneak
  • Waypoints - Creates waypoints that disappear after you get 500 blocks from them.

As you can tell, these are all quality of life changes that give players no competitive advantage.

Hacked clients have things such as Reach, Crits, AntiKB, aura and many more, that directly give the player an unfair advantage. These should never be allowed on a server with competitive play.

Its so easy for a player to prove they are using no hacked modifications by just showing a staff member that they are using a PVP client.

This client is also free for anyone to use, I recommend it if you play legit, it has BetterFrames which boosts your FPS more than Optifine.

So the question is do we ban ALL client modifications? Or ban players that are cheating?

Good points have been made.
The Badlion client is now allowed.