December Town Trials

Well folks, the time is here. You can now enter your town into this month’s Town Trials. Woooo.

This month’s Combat Trial will be Team Death Match on a wilderness themed map.
Town combatants will have 15 minutes to kill as many of the opposing teams fighters as possible. Points awarded for number of enemies killed and percentage of ally fighters still alive. With bonus awarded on full kill.

To enter we will need to following information from the Town’s Mayor:

  • Town Name:
  • Town Mayor Name:
  • Name of your Town’s Official Religion:
  • The names of up to five town members who will be representing your town in the Combat Challenges:

Good Luck.


MundaneGlue, Seb_is_hot, DarkMage529, vanillashield


  • Jared1912
  • Allah
  • (Dae), Bolton, Huxley, Jared1912

New Ni
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