Development Plan (and more Polls! Woooo!)

Now hear this.

To start with let me explain what the current plan is for the next month or so.
There is a load of stuff packed into the Tier 3 ranks, the plan is for those to be finished by the start of December. We are trying to get them done for the Thanksgiving holiday but there may be a bug that takes a bit for us to figure out how to fix.

There are a couple of other things that we what to get your opinion on though. Below are some features or changes that we could make happen by the time the Tier 3 ranks are ready. We want to see if any of them are things you guys would want on the server. We are not going to put in things that are unwanted by everyone. That would just waste our time and likely annoy you.

So give the features a read and a thought. Then let us know what you think on the poll for each.
This is also going up in the General Discussion so you can respond and reply with your thoughts. We can not give you the things you want on the server if we do not know what those things are.

Thank you, that is all.

Gather World:
In the past, Inizicraft has had a “Gather” world. This was a Minecraft Overworld dimension separate and different from the world where towns were built and players lived. The purpose of this world was to allow players to gather resources without needing to destroy the terrain somewhere else in the main world, potentially ruining someplace they or someone else might want to build at later. The Gather World also served as a source of infinite resources, making the life span of the Main world much longer.

Should Inizicraft have a Gather World this time around?

  • Yes! Give me that Gather.
  • No. It makes things too different or too complex.

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Custom or Customized Mobs:
There are a number of ways we (the staff team) could make this happen, so here are some ideas to think about.

  • We could take vanilla mobs and randomize the stats on some of them. For instance a zombie might have a 5 percent chance of spawning with double the health, or dealing twice the damage.
  • There could be unique mobs with their own skins and mechanics. So like a wandering bush that shoots thorns.

This sound cool? Would it change the game to much?

  • Customized Mobs
  • Fully Custom Mobs
  • Just Vanilla Mobs please.

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Another things to consider is that we do not need to have the custom mobs in all of the worlds.
We could have them just in the nether or just in the Gather World if we have that.
Regardless of what you said above, what are your thoughts on this?

  • Still a ‘No’ for me chief.
  • Yes Custom(ized) mobs, but only in Gather
  • Yes Custom(ized) mobs in all the places.

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Server Interactive Events:
You guys have been telling us that we should do more events. The issue we have been having putting stuff together is that the things we can do right now with the number of players we have is limited. Things would either last just a couple of minutes or have too few players to make fun. So here is an idea for something we can do as well.

At times, when exactly could vary, there will be “things” that happen on the server. These things would require a number of players to work together to either get something cool or stop something bad from happening. If we have a Gather world, one thing might be that players need to collect an amount of a certain item from the world to get a reward of some kind. Likely an item or maybe the ability to craft or do something unique. Another thing might require a group to kill enough skeletons before a deadline or else skeletons in the world are buffed for a while or town mob protection could be turned off for a day or so.


  • Yeah sounds cool, let’s do it.
  • Na, seems to extra. We should pass.

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Personnel Claims (Res or the like)
So this has been talked about a lot in the past. We are bringing it up again here so you guys can all hear the same thing and so that we can get your current feelings on it.

The reason we do not currently have a Res like system is that we want the server to feel like a collection of communities. We want towns to be groups of players who work together to build these cool things. We think that if we add the ability for players to make their own small land protection, then they will not be a contributing factor in a town or that they would jump between towns as they fell like it. No real connection to a town or group of players would be made.

On the flip side, many cases have been where the ability to make a precise land claim would be very nice. Make shops in towns. Plots even for that matter. Just have all your members live on Res’ inside the town.

We are willing to add something like Res, but we do want towns to be the main form existing.

  • No personal Land Claim
  • Yes! Give NOW!

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