HunterTheGreatII's Formal Apology to Inizicraft

TO: The Inizicraft Player-Base

FROM: HunterTheGreatII (Scoobz)

DATE: March 3rd, 2019

SUBJECT: Formal Apology

Hello Fellow Inizicrafters! To the staff, I greatly appreciate your work on the server and your strides to better the player-base and community. I enjoy everyone’s company and jokes, the time we have will always be a good memory that I will continue to hold dear.

As some of you make know I made a rude comment towards Hamlett360. He was talking about how he is a tester and I responded “Ham sucks afct’s dick and is a tester wow” which is very rude and I apologize. I apologize to both Ham and Afct. I understand why I have a severe infraction and I will not counter that with any excuses. I said it and I have to face the fact that I did.

Another thing that happened that night, was that I left the town of Polis to join the town of no. I did pledge my loyalty to Connor and Polis and I broke the loyalty. I constantly state how I am a loyal player to the end and I broke that. And I am sorry. As the people involved know, Polis was after my in real life friend, PumpkinKing321. I tried to continue my loyalty and I couldn’t. I didn’t want to target him in anyway, shape, or form. I understand why Connor has blocked me and called me a traitor. However If he is reading this, Connor I am very sorry. I will still do jobs for you with no cost and I will not attack you. You can kill me, however I won’t fight back. And Rrad, I hope someday we can be friends and maybe you could unblock me so we can talk sometime in the future. I do think both of you guys are amazing people and I apologize for my actions towards you two and Polis. I just felt like my real life bonds took me on a path to join together with mun and pump. I just feel like I should stay loyal to Mun and Pump, sorry.

To conclude, I apologize for my actions that night and I will strive to better myself, the community, and the game play.



Inizicraft Member


Actions speak louder than words, but I am impressed at this. Well written, straight to the point and not trying to make excuses. Good job, Hunter.

I’ve said this before, but I see a lot of the younger me (and to an extent, the current me) in you. Impulsive, quick to anger, and often considered “annoying” by others. Your greatest gift is also your greatest hindrance, which is speaking your mind.

But I also see the same good qualities too. You are loyal to an extreme with those you hold close. You will defend your friends until your dying breath. You are kind, at least when you are in a troll-y kind of mood. You have a sense of humor. You are intelligent.

I want to see you do well. Don’t fuck yourself over and you’ll do great things.

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