Inizicraft Town Trials

Town Trials

Town Trials are monthly competitions between the towns of the server. They are optional to participate in, but the highest tier ranks are locked behind participation in Town Trials. They include four categories: Combat, Building, Religion, and Productivity. To win the Trials, a town must have the best overall score between each type of trial, and all aspects of the Trials award the same amount of points.


The combat trial is the PvP aspect of the competition. It is a PvP tournament between teams from each participating town. These tournaments are done in different rule sets, including Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Capture the Flag. The better a town places in this Tournament, the more points they receive for the trial.


The building trial is the building and redstone aspect of the competition. Both the aesthetic of builds in a town and the quality of the redstone contraptions in a town are judged by the community. After the towns are judged, they will be ranked against one another, which is how the score for this trial is decided.


The religion trial is completely based around the religion plugin. This competition is based on the various aspects of the town’s official religion, including:

  • The unity of the town’s religion within that town.
  • The faith power of that religion.
  • The total amount of places of worship for that town’s chosen religion among all town (has to have a structure and an alter sign), along with the size of each of those places of worship.

A town does not have to be the town of origin of that religion for it to be the town’s official religion. Score for this trial is based on the categories above.

This probably seems very confusing, but a staff member on the server could better explain what all of the categories above mean.


This trial is by far the most simple of the four. It uses the server’s jobs plugin, and is entirely based off the job levels among all of that towns members. Score for this trial is based on the ranking of the towns.

How it Works
Each month a Town Trial will normally be held. Starting on the date listed at spawn, town owners may make use that month’s forum thread to enter their town in that month’s Trial. When the entry period (normally a week) is over, the Trials will begin.

In each of the four categories described above, towns will be given a score out of 100 points. Bringing the total points possible to 400. A winner for each category will be named based on points scored. The town with the most total points will win the Trial overall.

Points in each category are determined as described above. Information on the standing of participating towns will not be declared until the awards ceremony at the end of the trial.

Times for the Combat part of the Trials will be determined based on availability on the entered Towns as well as the server staff. Though it should be noted that a Town will not be asked to fight more than once a day.