Inizicraft Towny - The Dynamic Tools Update

Today the Inizicraft Team has some exciting new to share with you.

Over the past two months we have been working hard to get a load of new features ready for your enjoyment. So, without further ado, I present to you the Dynamic Tools Update.

Inizicraft Towny - The Dynamic Tools Update

The Dynamic Tools update revolves around two things.

  1. The addition of a Gather world and a number of features dealing with that.
  2. The release of our completed Tier 3 ranks

The update will be released around noon on Wednesday, November 27th. It will include the following features. The ranks page can give you a run down of what features are a part of each rank but here is an overview of each of the new features.

  • The Gather World - A world where resources can be gathered. Its job is to increase the life time of the main towny world so that there are always available natural resources. The Gather world is available to everyone.

  • Altered Gather Mob Spawn - Mob spawning in the Gather world is slightly different from the other worlds. Some mobs will occasionally spawn more frequently depending on some randomized values. Of those, there is an even slighter chance that some mobs will have additional health. These are not drastic changes to mobs in the world but you voted neutrally towards something like this, so we want to give you guys a taste.

  • Interactive Server Events - These are server events which require player interaction and cooperation. During these events players will need to overcome some kind of challenge in order to prevent an outcome from happening or to receive a reward. At the end of this post the first of these is outlined.

For the Tier 3 ranks, all items can only be crafted by someone with the appropriate rank, but all items can be used by anyone.

  • Infused Diamond - Used to activate abilities or special powers on items.

  • Steel Ingots - Iron with extra steps. Used to craft things made from steel.

  • Death Note TP - The ability to use your Death Note and an Infused Diamond to teleport to the location of that death. It will not teleport you between worlds.

  • /hat - A command to put things on your head which really have no business being on your head.

  • Improved Potion Stacking - Potions may be stacked to three instead of one.

  • Cloth Bandages - Have an arrow in your head? No problem, just wrap your arm with one of these! Takes a small amount of time to apply but restores the player to vitality.

  • Medical Syringes - Injecting yourself with chemicals which have no reason to normally be in your body is a time honored method of healing. Restores the player to vitality and removes all other effects impacting the player.

  • Frenzy - Activated using an Infused Diamond while wielding on axe, this ability grants the user greatly increased attack speed for a short time. This comes at the price of causing the wielding to become very tired for a time after the effect wears off.

  • Quivers - Just like their real life counterparts, Quivers can be used to hold a large number of arrows in a small space.

  • Netting - Nets on a whole decrease the net speed of a group of people who wish to net themselves the prize killing the wielder of some netting. Makes cobwebs appear where thrown for a short time.

  • Securing Villagers - The ability to protect villagers just like you would a chest.

  • Animated Signs - Create signs with various types of animated text. Editable and Copy-able through a book and quill.

  • Disposal Gui’s - Too much trash in your face? There is plenty of space out in space. BNL Disposal Gui’s opening each day. They will take your things while you are away.

  • Backpacks - Portable inventory based shulker boxes of different sizes.

  • Leadership Rods - Configurable items which can be bound to a number of players who, when near someone holding the rod in their offhand, will receive various buffs.

  • Blasting Charges - More powerful and controlled TNT. These little bundles of destructive energy mine out a 3x3x6 area in the direction they are placed with no loss of materials.

  • Hardening Tools - This is a special process which can increase the effective durability of an item. This effect stacks with the unbreaking enchantments.

  • Stone Logging Axe - An axe which breaks all connected logs in a vertical line above the first one. Great for clearing large walls of trees or collecting wood.

  • Steel Logging Axe - A Stone Logging Axe but better in every way.

  • Portable Work Station - An upgrade of the crafting leather, it boasts both a crafting grid and a stone cutter.

  • Steel Sword - Less crap than a Gold Sword, Slightly better than an Iron Sword. A solid weapon for those times when you just want to say: “Eh, I have something that looks like a sword”

  • Tier 2 Foods - Includes about 15 new food items and custom potions.

  • Improved Component Crafting - Handy for the local redstone engineer. Increases the number of components given for a single craft.

  • Wood Manipulation - Acts like a stone cutter for wood based blocks. No longer will you need to waste countless trees turning six planks into four stairs.

  • Dirt Eating (Dirt Manipulation) - A skill which makes terraforming easy by allowing large areas of land to be constructed quickly.

The first of the server’s new interactive events will start with the release of this update.

The Turkey Day Challenge :bird:
For too long, the bird population of the Gather World has gone unchecked. I mean, they are pretenders anyway. We all know that birds aren’t real.
Now though, the scheming rats with wings are threatening to make sure that they are the only meal in town.

So there is only one thing left for us to do. Dust off the old Fire Aspect II sword and go hunting.

Event Challenge: Reduce the bird population of the Gather world by 200 by Sunday evening.

Event Outcomes:

  • Success: The fake birds’ plans are set back and those who participated earn a special Turkey Feather :slight_smile:
  • Failure: All food, other than chicken, becomes useless for an extended period of time. :frowning: