Mob Revitalization

The second Inizicraft Interactive Event is here! With event will end on the 14th of December at 6 pm EST. Good luck to you all. May there not be too many complications. :wink:

Mob Revitalization :zombie:
Just in the wake of the attempted Turkey Uprising, another calamity threatens to shake the server to its core. Thankfully, we have been given ample warning.

The genius Mr. Man has discovered an alarming trend in the breeding patterns of creatures on the server. Particularly those of the hostile variety. He has discovered that the rates at which hostile creatures are spawning around the worlds has been decreasing at a detectable rate. Mr. Man fears that if the spawn rate of new creatures is not stabilized, there will be no new spawns within the next ten-day.

Event Challenge:

The gene pool of the current hostile mob population has degraded to the point where they struggle to reproduce. The current population must be purged, and its essence harvested, purified, and reintegrated so that the amount of creatures can return to normal. The mobs in the Gather world have proven to have the strongest essence. Possibly due to the young age of that world. The extraction of essence from creatures there may allow enough to be collected in time.

Event Outcomes:
Success: Enough Mob Essence is collected and given to Mr. Man. He then can return the spawn rates to their normal state and those who participated earn a special Harvesting Implement :smiley:

Failure: Mr. Man does not get enough Essence to stop the rates from declining further. It will takes a number of days for the server to recover on its own. :frowning_face: