September Town Trials

Well folks, the time is here. You can now enter your town into this month’s Town Trials. Woooo.

To enter we will need to following information from the Town’s Mayor:

  • Town Name:
  • Town Mayor Name:
  • Name of your Town’s Official Religion:
  • The names of up to five town members who will be representing your town in the Combat Challenges:

Good Luck.

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Town: Hayfar
Mayor: HunterTheGreatII
Religion: Soul
Members in the Town Tourney

  1. HunterTheGreatII
  2. PumpkinKing321

ConnorTheMeme, Darkmage529, rradt2001, Bluiy, CulinaryTax


The line up for the September Town Combat Trials has been determined.

Round 1 will be held on Sept. 15th @ 1pm. Contestants will be: Hayfar bringing HunterTheGreatII and PumpkinKing321 versus Deleborne bringing ConnorTheMeme, Darkmage529, rradt2001, Bluiy, and CulinaryTax.

Round 2 will be held on Sept. 22nd @ 1pm. Contestants will be: [Winner of Round 1] versus Lanar bringing MundaneGlue.

Judging of the other Trial categories will be begin once this post has been made.

Our first Town Trials have come to an end and I am hear to announce the how each of our participating towns fared.

Each town was scored based on the four categories of Building, Production, Religion, and Combat.
In Third Place with a total score of 173 Points is the town of Hayfar.

  • Building: 13 points
  • Production: 50 points
  • Religion: 75 points
  • Combat: 35 points

In Second Place with a total score of 237 Points is the town of Deleborne.

  • Building: 63 points
  • Production: 84 points
  • Religion: 20 points for pity
  • Combat: 70 points

Finally, in First Place with a total score of 262 points is the town of Lanar.

  • Building: 79 points
  • Production: 66 points
  • Religion: 67 points
  • Combat: 50 points

Well done to all the towns involved.
Thank you, see you all next month.