Towny Server Update Log

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In the past the community has complained about a lack of information flowing between the development team and themselves. To fix this, all changes to gameplay or other player impacting aspects will be logged here so that the community can remain informed.

Thank you,
That is all.

  • Job payout limit cooldown increased.
  • Town upkeep reduced.
  • Updated to Minecraft version 1.14.4
  • Implemented Trainee rank
  • Implemented Clan Chief rank
  • Implemented Laborer rank
  • Implemented Survivalist rank
  • Implemented Aspirant rank
  • Implemented Mayor rank
  • Implemented Foreman rank
  • Implemented Generalist rank
  • Implemented Baked Beans recipe
  • Implemented Sweet Berry Wine recipe
  • Implemented Cheese recipe
  • Implemented Chocolate Recipe
  • Implemented Grilled Ham and Cheese recipe
  • Implemented Ham recipe
  • Implemented Honey recipe
  • Implemented Sack of Flower recipe
  • Implemented Salt recipe
  • Implemented Toast recipe
  • Updated shop plugin
  • Updated jobs plugin
  • Tweaked Town upkeep
  • Tweaked Plots-per-player
  • Tweaked plot claim
  • Server Rules Updated
  • Server rules updated
  • Tweaked Rankup tree
  • Reduced Chat Spam for Staff
  • Reactivated Server Website:
  • Reactivated Donation Store
  • Player Head drop now reserved for Town Trials
  • Players may now purchase their own head from the server for 5K stars.

Began implementation of Tier 3 ranks.

  • Swordsman
  • Axeman
  • Archer
  • Marine
  • Dreamer
  • Commander
  • Councilor
  • Controller
  • Apprentice
  • Cook
  • Drafter
  • Framer
  • Gardener
    Requirements and Rewards are subject to balance changes.
    View-able here: [Towny Server Ranks!]
  • Begun implementation of a New Player PvP protection system.
  • Begun implementation of an optional head drop system.
  • Adjusted God Blessing prices to balance use in Town Combat Trials

Updated Ages Past to version 0.1.2
Updated Quickshop Reremake to version 2.4.4

Disabled Quickshop Tax

Added 11 new Food and Drink Recipies
Reduced Hostile mob cap (again)
Fixed Towny Upkeep bug
Fixed Death note respawn bug
Buffed Crafter Job
Shorted Job Payment interval (again)

Increased Max Server Render to 18

Increased Spawn protection to 222 blocks

Enabled sitting on stairs and slabs

Re-enabled Friendly Fire between town members
Added gold_block to the list of vote rewards.

Disabled the ability to toggle pvp during combat

  • Removed Dynmap

Due to the low server population and lack of incoming funds associated with that, it was decided to move the inizicraft server to a less expensive machine. The new machine can still easily handle running the server, so there will be no performance impact or reduction in server render. The only negative is that the hi-res dynmap renders take up more space than is realistic for us to devote to them on the new system. (They were well over 20G just from what had been rendered up to this point.)

So while the Dynmap is a cool feature and we understand that it is greatly wanted, our first priority is to make sure that the server continues running and growing.

We are looking into ways to reduce the file space that dynmap takes up with the hi-res maps and we hope to re-add it as technical work-arounds or funds allow.

Reduced Job payout limit cooldown by 1 hour

Updated to Paper 231
Fixed Bug where phantoms were not spawning